Monday, January 21, 2008

More then a tale / tail

Marissa (Boo) tells a good tale of our weekend planning and sorting gear, but forgot to mention our sub zero - 13 degree rescue of a kitty from a drain pipe.

We spent about an hour gaining the confidence of this little kitty we saw running across a parking lot and seeking refuge in a drain pipe. Emily and I finally got the kitty to come out when a couple ran to the pet store and got us some Salmon cat food to lure him from hiding spot

Paws are a little tattered and some frostbite on nose and ears, but the kitty now named "Ray" is doing well.

Marissa and her Aunt Jenny went to the pet store and dropped $65.00 bucks on the fixings for Ray. Life went from totally bleak to totally sheik for Ray.

With further investigation, we summarized that someone dropped the kitty off in the area as there was a towel and some dry food staged in the pipe.

Ray is now on a fluffy pillow at Aunt Jenny's....
All is well, you are loved.