Thursday, January 3, 2008

minus 4 minus 8... then what

OK... minus 4 degrees and minus 8 weeks and counting till the Everglades Challenge. Marissa is at her mom's house and I think she has just realized how close the Challenge is. Panic!!

It was kinda fun, as she was on the phone this morning when I dropped the entry and check off at the post office. There was a pause, then a "Wow, .... Dad, this is really coming up fast!"

Like clockwork (January 1st) I got a phone call from Mark at Kruger Canoes.
Time to get the 2008 calendar out and block out weeks for our joint Peak Camp / Kruger Kids adventures. We have the dates, but we are perplexed on what to do? The possibilities abound.
Some pretty outrageous ideas. Super Boo is setting the bar pretty high for the rest of the adventure kids with her bid to complete the EC 2008. I think the Hardcore Adventure Camp has turned a corner for the extreme.
I think a tough decision was made not to do the MR340 this year. Though there are some changes to the event where we could build a canoe and jam up to 6 people in it. hmmm? , a 34 ft long Kruger freighter? :-)
We had contacted Scott the event director a while back on allowing youth to participate in the MR340 under adult supervision. We thought we might turn it into a challenge camp event for our more advanced youth paddlers in PEAK Camp. But the answer was no do to insurance reasons.
Dawn (SandyBottom) has a list of places she wants to paddle and has done some research around them and shared ideas...
John from the paddlin shop has offered on more then one occasion and has asked me to join him on one of his paddle /sail adventures...
Mark and the Kruger Canoe crowed from Michigan have some great 100 mile plus ideas brewing. Plus the Michigan Challenge keeps coming up in conversations.
Mike ( he and I and another Mike from C2C Adventures kayaked and and portaged 450 kilometers across Costa Rica in 2003) put the word out he too want to do something this summer.
What to do what to do what to do? - The Capt'n


Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

Brrr, for now, just stay nice and warm.

Hmmm, a 6 man canoe sounds like lots of fun....

Silbs said...

I worry about you guys coping with the heat. It is a drastic change to go from minus anything to heavan knows what. Do you do anything to acclimate?

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

kiwibird is in charge of the beer... it's root beer for you boo.