Monday, November 26, 2007

Size 10 in a size 6 shoe

John Haugen-Wente Lake Mendota
The sail turned out very nice... unfortunately I measured incorrectly and the sail sock is too tight to go over the tapered mast. I tried inching it down, but to no-avail.
My plan of action will include a trip back to the seamstress this week for a retro fit and another turkey sandwich with all the fix'ns, it really is my only defense.
Right now the boy's from The Paddl'n Shop are out on Lake Mendota paddling /sailing in the balmy 28 degree weather. While I on the other hand have 2008 budgets to review and a sail sock that is too tight.
Anyway with Thanksgiving coming to a close, this quote just hit me this morning...
Love one another (His last words) - George Harrison


Alan said...

We did the EXACT same thing when we sewed on out luff sleeve the first time! We thought we were leaving extra and we weren't even close. That circumference thing gets me every time.

Kristen said...

Budgets, smudgets.