Monday, October 29, 2007

Status Report

It has been a while since I did a status report. So here goes. September showed promise, October was dismal, November is the time to dial it in.

More of the Kruger Challenge 100

Hanging with Boo was such fun! Kids can find the magic in almost anything! Kruger Challenge 100 turned road trip... great time. I'll post pictures and video's through out the up-coming week.

Fun Stuff
Laura got into the Ironman Louisville - so Dawn aka SandyBottom will have an online training partner. They are already sharing training plans through Tribabes, a women's wellness / fitness group Laura started a few years ago. Alan aka SOS is signed up too... so it is going to be a hoot heading to Kentucky this coming August. Can we squeeze in anymore fun this summer? Lets hope so!!

Boo's on a mission UM /EC in March... while I am guilty of fabric abuse as I try to fit into some dress slacks for work. I got to get back at it... so

We are moving furniture out of the living room, getting bike trainers and workout equipment out of the basement. Fall is upon us and we have a full season of winter indoor training plans to go through. Time to get moving (again) .

Knees and back feel good - back away from the pie!! - The Capt'n

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Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

I've been following your lead. My Sept was great, Oct I seemed to take it a bit too easy, but maintained, so Nov here we come!