Monday, October 15, 2007

Looking back - cause forward is scary!

Mark from Kruger Canoes was rummaging through his dry bag and came up with some video that we shot during the MR340.

When we first arrived in Kansas City, Kansas. We met up with a fellow that was interested in selling a CVC disposable video camera. Mark jumped at the chance to pick up this fine piece of equipment. Not like there wasn't enough crap all ready going into the boat.

We new the guy was down on his luck, the purchase suspect.and that capturing our adventure on video may be used against us in a court of law. But we threw caution to the wind.... Over the next couple of posts I'll try to put some of the video up for viewing.

No paddling this weekend for Boo and I. But we were loaded like something was going to happen. Saturday was spent driving back and forth from Oconomowoc to Shorewood. Emily had homecoming this weekend, so it was all about getting ready. The dance the game the hair... the 1/2 Nelson on the boy taking her.

Boo and I ended up playing board games, watching videos and going out for a great dinner at the Oakcrest Tavern and Grille.

Sunday it poured all day. With the temps. in the 40's we gave paddling a pass and headed to the movies.

Missed paddling opportunities - Come January when the temps are 5 above zero, you'd pass a kidney stone for paddle weekends like this.- The Capt'n

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