Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Status report

What to do?

So many options and opportunities out there. So many variables. A very exciting time indeed.

Persons follow my blogging; Via the e-mails and phone calls, the question always comes up. " What adventure or craziness are you planning next?"

Laura and I have been kicking around a variety of ideas. Marissa (10 yr old) "Super Boo" or "Boo" for short is showing enthusiasm for a paddling adventure. Hmm?

So to get the ball rolling, I have set a personal goal of.... wait for it.... getting in the best shape of my life by 50. yea yea... we've heard this before... but it gives me 10 months.

I did this when I was 45. It was an outstanding transformation of mind and body. The idea of being 30 lbs. lighter has a nice ring to it.

Some of the challenges.

Knees have seen better days, neck and back are tweaked, and of course I am not a 20 something guy anymore. My response to these challenges, "so what".

I'll stay clear of the lofty goals of past: Ironman - no; Marathon - no; 5 day adventure races - no.

No the goal will be consistent workouts, throwing in weekend challenges that will vary from moderate to long paddling adventures, trekking and maybe even dusting of the ole bike. The biggest challenge will be getting back on track with healthy eating.

I will set at goal of at least one long paddling adventure for 2008. Not sure what that might be at this point? So many things happening around PEAK CAMP and The Kruger Canoe College that I have to bank some vacation time and keep my calendar clear.

After walking the dog this morning - I went for jog (plod). I did one whole mile... giddy up! I'm a runner again - The Capt'n


Silbs said...

Oh man, you go for it...carefully. Don't forget that half of training is recovering from the exertion phase. We more mature guys sometimes need an extra day of rest now and then in order to get back in shape. No reason you can't do it. Why not keep us posted on your progress so we can cheer you on?

Kristen said...

Cheering you on, Brian!

Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

I'm on board with this. Thought about you yesterday morning while hiking up Lanikai ridge to the pill boxes to see the sunrise. Having a great time visiting with my family.

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Ahh.. the trifecta of supporters:
Doc Sibs KiWi and SandyBottom... With the cheering section intact... I'm off for adventure!!