Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Wednesday - Status report

Big Wednesday: Jan-Michael Vincent plays a self-destructive beach bum to whom surfing is a Zen experience. We first meet Vincent in the devil-may-care 1960s, in the company of his carefree buddies William Katt and Gary Busey. The boys reunite ten years later, after one has served time in Vietnam. The beach is still there, the waves still break upon the shore, and towards the end of the film, the characters become people that we truly care about. Barbara Hale, the real-life mother of costar William Katt, makes a piquant supporting appearance. Cut from 129 minutes to 104 for its pay-cable release, Big Wednesday is also known as Summer of Innocence.
I need to get back on the water before it turns to a solid.

Wednesday again...

How time flies when your stuffing your face with burritos, chips and the ever delightful barley pop. The good news is I feel stronger and running faster then I was two weeks ago. Giddy up... but I didn't lose any weight this week... fell prey to the American weigh.
Back away from the buffet - The Capt'n

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Kristen said...

Wondered where you'd been ;) How are the pecs coming along?