Monday, August 20, 2007

Quetico Adventure Begins

Our drive up to Ely, Mn. was very enjoyable. Laura and I opted to leave "Scout" home ( which was an extremely good idea).
Our first stop was in the small town of Spooner. Wisconsin. It was a great night out as we went to a very unique local tavern and a high end sports bar. Very contrasting establishments.

The local pub " The Wobblin Duck" was a trip. The beer was extremely cheap and for good reason. The tapper line must have been dirty or the beer skunked cause Laura and I both had to dump out our drinks.
I had an interesting conversation with a local gentleman as Laura took our mugs to the bathroom for dumping. He spoke Nort'woods and I nodded my head allot. He gave me what could have been considered a high "5" but he missed my hand and I think he tried to hug me... We made our move for the door. But not before I waxed Laura in a game of billiards.

We caught this sunset on our way out of the Wobblin Duck. The Jersey Sports bar was your typical sports bar. Great local beers ( more on local breweries later) and a billion TV's.
Spooner WI gets a 7 out of 10. great little northern community - The Capt'n

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Silbs said...

See, it's better on our side of the border :-)