Monday, July 16, 2007

Oconomowoc River

Marissa and Dad a quick photo op from Saturday's paddle on the Rock.
Sunday was a great day for a paddle. Mid 70's wind to our back and both kids wanting to go for a paddle. Well actually for ice-cream. Below, a rare photo of Emily, up before noon.

Emily and Marissa

We paddled up the Oconomowoc River to one of our favorite places to stop for ice-cream, The Kiltie Drive In. It's a 50's style drive-in that offers frozen custard, car hops and some of the best burgers in town. Our family has frequented this drive in for over 50 years.

Marissa and Emily under the train bridge

A short hike up the trail to old Hwy 16. Marissa isn't posing for the camera, she really has to use the bathroom. She'll really appreciate this comment on the blog and on her wedding day. Dad's don't get mad they get even. :-)

I told the girls this great childhood story about jumping off a bridge we just went under. As the story goes, I cut my foot on some glass and needed 6 stitches. Emily went straight to the triple dog dare. Marissa took her up on it and was going to jump off the bridge into the river as I did 40 years earlier.

There are no photos to show the out come of this endeavour. Police arrived on the scene and thwarted Marissa's efforts to repeat history. As the story was told by the police officer, a kid jumped off a couple years ago broke his neck and was paralyzed. My bad, all fingers pointed to me. The officer was slightly amused as he was local and had jumped many times himself as a kid.

There is nothing like a day, like a day on the water with your daughters - The Capt'n

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raster said...

Great story... We live on Fowler Lake and canoe down the river as well. It's a nice trip.