Sunday, July 29, 2007

MR 340

Paul on SandyBottom's blog did an outstanding job following the event, that it wouldn't make much sense duplicating the information. Check her blog out it is awesome. Nice effort Paul!!

Some fun facts:

1. I set a person record of paddling 340 miles in 59 hours and 26 minutes.
2. Mark and I did the first 138 miles in 24 hours, followed by another 130 in the next 24 hours.
3. We figured we each did over 180,000 paddle strokes in the 340 miles. 50+ a minute.
4. You can't eat too much or drink too much in an event like this.
5. When your stomach starts to turn sour, frosted mini wheat's are the ticket.
6. We used 80 lbs. of ice on our journey. 30 gallons of liquids.
7. This was the best run event I ever competed in. A pure joy.
8. Friendship - priceless! Two of my best friends in the whole wide world, Mike and Tommy ditched work drove 378 miles to see us finish. What a great way to end the challenge.

Over the next few days I will come back to the blog and tell our story... But right now the wind is light, the sun shines bright.... You guessed it. Laura and I are off for an early morning paddle.
A quick clip of the finish:

Hot roast beef and gravy, now that's what I am talking about!! - The Capt'n

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Kristen said...

Nice work, Brian, and look forward to hearing the stories!