Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hopeful - New paddling partner

The adoption papers have been filed. The expectant parents are very nervous indeed. We didn't see "Scout" at the Dane County Animal Shelter on Saturday. It appears Scout was selected to head off on vacation at the Aunt "B"'s Doggy Spa in De Forest, Wisconsin.

Five dogs made the trip and were sent there in style. They even arrived in a stretch limo!

Laura's mom called us on the way. It would appear the news media was alerted and "Scout" and friends were on TV as we made the drive to meet him. The local news station picked up on the story and ran it a couple of times but we have not seen it yet.

"Scout" definately fits the bill. He is young energetic confident and very very friendly. I will be training him as our family dog and as a therapeutic dog for the consumers we serve through Jefferson County Human Services. He passed all of my socialization tests with flying colors.

"Scout's 15 minutes of fame. People were lining up at the spa to see the famous dogs!! - The Capt'n


Kristen said...

Welcome to the family, Scout!

Silbs said...

I give it two weeks, and you'll be working for him :)