Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Catching up

We have some great weather coming our way. Hoping to get our on the water tonight. Been very busy indeed. I think lawn work will win out, but it was a nice thought paddling the sunset.

Thank goodness for the indoor trainer as I have not been out on the water in a few days. Very busy with the new addition to the family. Laura is away on business so it is double duty with dog - cat - turtle and keeping the house in some sort of order. i got in some interval training but need to get in a long paddle this week.

The Little Beast:
I am being run ragged literally. My morning walks have turned into forced march. "Scout" does not tire or waver. He is a task master, pushing the limits of my physical conditioning.

Have not tested him in the canoe. I don't want to tie him in for obvious reasons and off the leash-- he's on a walk-about, never to be seen again. ( 30 minute search on Sunday as he went rabbit hunting) - He such a little boy.

Never buy a boat you can't push pull or paddle. -Unknown

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