Thursday, April 12, 2007

Swash-buckled by a girl

Just when you thought it was safe to give the lady the "business". She out-smarts you and posts some non-sense about a nav-system called "Dial-a-buoy".

Having been in the Coast Guard, on an ocean going buoy tender no less, this sounded very much like one of the pranks you would pull on a new seaman when he went to sea for the first time. This picture represents buoy ops on the Coast Guard Cutter Mallow WLB 396 in the late 70's. Two glorious years of scraping and painting buoys.

-You know, the ole mail-buoy watch on the bow in your dress blues prank. Or the go get me a can of relative bearing grease from the snipes in the engine room trick.-

I attribute my dismay and condition to; too much blue death primer and red-lead paint in the late 70's.

So I follow SandyBottom's link to the website, low and behold.... "Dial-a-buoy" Can you believe it- Swash buckled by a girl!

Arr matie, I comes from the time of wooden ships and iron men... Hoist the Jolly Roger!!- The Capt'n

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