Monday, April 16, 2007

Super "Boo" Sunday

Boo and I got up early to get in a some training. We were able to beat the breeze. The weather man was posting breezy conditions out of the North, which also means we were at the warmest part of the day.

We played around with seating. Getting the boat balanced was one of our goals today. I ended up moving my seated position forward by 24 inches. It put my thighs under the rear thwart and made my paddle reach a little more difficult but doable.

Time to practice some cornering. Boo throws in a cross bow left. The Wisconsin River at the headwaters is very twisty. Boo holds the cross bow and I paddle hard on the right side. We spin the boat pretty quickly to the left. Notice Boo's left knee bracing on the gunwale. She keeps her head looking forward for balance. This keeps her from being pulled out of the boat when she plants the paddle.

Boo is all smiles after another hour and a half training session out on Rock Lake. We'll have to get her a new life jacket. She is wearing mine in the picture and it really doesn't fit her very well.

As far as her paddle choice; Boo is using a Bell Carbon 48" bent shaft. It was either that or 2"x4" :-)

Ice cream, a great motivator. Boo wanted some too! - The Capt'n

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