Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Players

Act I - The Sting
MadCity Paddlers - The Crawfish River trip was cancelled today do to the weather. I don't see why? Wasn't it just yesterday I was swimming? Come on in, the waters perfect! So I put the word out on the MadCity message board.

Act II - The Players
Jack Burton ( MadCity Paddler) from Baraboo called, and decided to join me. Jack was sporting a new Prijon Kodiak Kayak. It really looked nice on the water. I guess Jack purchased the boat right from Landis Arnold- Wildwasser fame at Canoecopia ( I'd have taken a picture of it, but I am camera-less after yesterday's excursion.)

Act III - Windy cold and down right miserable
Another high wind, 17 degree morning. No worries, the snow was coming, so we had that to look forward to. The question was; where it paddle? Earlier in the morning before Jack arrived I scouted the put-in up in Milford. There really wasn't a good spot to drop in with the high water. So I bagged the Crawfish River idea.

Act IV - Jack arrives, I thought he was smarter than this
Jack arrived and with the temps. wavering around 20 degrees and the wind gusting to 25 mph, we opted for a windward shore paddle of Rock Lake. Good choice as the shore gave us a great break from the wind and the snow fluttered above our heads made for a unique paddling experience.

Act V - Taking bar stool paddling to the next level
Afterwards we went for lunch down at Meagan's restaurant and had a couple New Castles Ales. Ah the joys of bar stool paddling.

Finally something I'm good at. - The Capt'n

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