Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Always on the look-out

I'm always on the lookout for new games for the kids to play while on our Peak camps. We get tired of the same ole games all the time . You know; like knock your neighbor down, push and shovel, whack a friend with a stick and my favorite- who stole my marshmallow roasting stick and why is my forehead bleeding?.

Anyway I was introduced to this new game ( new to me) called "Hillbilly Golf" It goes against my number one rule during my camps "NO PICKING UP STUFF AND THROWING IT" But I must admit - It's a hoot.

The true test is when I play it with my girls next weekend. We'll be checking the "Fun Meter" before introducing it to the group.
Doubtful it will replace dead carp polo, cause when it comes to fun, well you know, nothing like tossing dead fish around when your a kid - The Capt'n


Kristen said...

Throwing dead jelly fish at each other was our big game as kids (the non-stinging variety ;). Always heaps of fun!

Silbs said...

You should consult for Parker Brothers :)