Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wow... take a look at this

Registration has opened for the Everglades Challenge and the Ultimate Florida Challenge for 2008. Looks like Alan aka SOS will be going solo in something between a 8' Sand Flea or a Kruger. It would appear Alan got bit hard by the Watertribe bug. It can contagious.

Take a look at Archangel's adventuretri. He and Chief (Tridarka Raider)did not get their respective tri's completed for the EC 2007, but both look to be strong contenders for 2008. What is cool about it, they have taken two completely different approaches to build a trimaran. Is it too early to start talking 2008? This will be fun to follow.

Closer to home, ramping up for the Missouri 340, or as DancesWithSandyBottom would say Misery 340. There appears to be a handful of Watertribers making their way to the event. Should be cool. So much paddling planned this year...

"Break loose from all the usual excuses and conventions that keep you bound to a lifestyle that does not totally fulfill". -Verlen Kruger

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