Friday, March 16, 2007

What was I thinking

Got an e-mail from SandyBottom the other day. She was checking in, as my blog appeared to be a little quiet. Well I have been bracing myself for Emily's 15th birthday party which will be this weekend. Reality; I've been hiding.

We are having a sleep-over 2 nights, 5 girls. "QUIET!!! I'M TRYING TO THINK HERE!!" You're chuckle and smirk are one thing... but an all out boisterous laugh... well, HELP!!

Laura asked what my plan was... "What plan?" I'm a guy, there is no plan... I thought you were..... I need to sort this thing out.

Pictures of the Everglades Challenge has calmed me down.

Check these pictures out by Scareman - here a proa preparing for pending doom. Check out the thread on Proas at the WaterTribe

SandyBottom has a nice set of on water pictures of the EC on her blog - Click here

Nice video of Team RAF blowing by Sand Flea. Thanks Matt!! - Click here

There are no good, positive quotes about teenage girls--- they are evil. - The Capt'n


Kristen said...

Here's your opportunity, Cap'n, to introduce them to the world of Bubba Girl and WaterTribe and all the adventures these young women have to look forward to!

Michael said...

Your quote of the day is harsh, I mean worse than anything the WaterTribe could throw at you! But it is still funny.

Glad to see the active blog again.