Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hats off to Crazy Russian

I have never met Crazy Russian, though he as I supported Team RAFs quest for the EC. ( He donated the Hobie rudders to the cause. - I donated the sails)

I had no idea he was such a good photographer. Pictures from the finish of the Everglades Challenge courtesy of Crazy Russian - click here

Operation Birthday Party

I'm surviving - reinforcements arrived for dinner last night as Laura who has been working all weekend stopped by for dinner. Yea! Laura left shortly there after... Smart girl.

It was a fun filled day. The girls swam in the pool before check out, went to a movie, shopped, had their nails done, played video games at the Fun Zone, all while talking on their cell phones to their respective boy friends. - I may need to take "Stewart" out paddle/ sailing in some very rough cold conditions for him to truly appreciate the gravity of the situation and my concern for my daughter.

I am cash machine... though my true value can be measured by my willingness to man the shuttle van. - The Capt'n

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Silbs said...

We blessed with daughters salute you