Friday, March 2, 2007

Everglades Challenge - 23 hours till the start

Wizard's 2006 "Enigma"

Challengers I am following

It is hard to follow everybody in the event and keep track of their whereabouts, so I have selected a few of my favorite paddle / sailing Tribespersons to keep tabs on.
  • Manitucruiser - owner of Kruger canoes and team member for the Missouri 340

  • SandyBottom - dear friend and mom of the "boys" of Team RAF

  • Team RAF - four college kids that I am sponsoring in home built outrigger canoes

  • KiwiBird - new found friend -through SandyBottom

  • Wizard - he is competing in an 8 ft pram he built for the challange - last year he did it in a 12 fter
Follow along here for up-dates and check out the WaterTribe website as well.

A starting point...yes; but so much of who we are isn't as much of where we have been, but more of where we are going. - The Capt'n

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